Inca Jews in Peru. The last Jewish village in Azerbaijan. The Jewish hill tribes of northeastern India. Visit them all in one stunning photographic presentation by world traveling speaker, writer and photographer Bryan Schwartz. Bryan has lived and prayed with Jewish communities in 30 countries and more than 100 towns and villages on five continents. The slide presentation shares some of the most exciting photos and stories from his book with collaborators Jay Sand and Sandy Carter, Scattered Among the Nations.

Aside from a generalized, world Jewish communities presentation, Bryan serves as a scholar-in-residence, conducting a series of three lectures over a weekend to meet the needs of a community. For example, he might provide a lecture (or drash) during religious services, provide a program for children at Sunday school, and then make a generalized community presentation. Bryan’s talks can focus on a specific demographic (catering to children, to a men’s club, or to a women’s organization), or a particular country or region.



Scattered Among the Nations’ has three traveling exhibitions:

Scattered Among the Nations
Jews of Color: In Color!
Jews of Color: a Renaissance

These traveling exhibits have enjoyed great success at museums, universities, galleries, Jewish Community Centers, and synagogues nationwide.


Jews of Color: in Color!
University of San Francisco
Kalmanovitz Hall
September - December 2017

Jews of Color: a Renaissance
Peninsula Jewish Community Center
Foster City, CA
December 2017 - February 2018