Scattered Among the Nations assists geographically and politically isolated Jewish or Judaism-practicing communities to overcome adversity and to continue embracing the Jewish religion and culture. Scattered Among the Nations has helped the Peru’s Inca Jews, India’s Benei Menashe, Ghana’s House of Israel, and Nigeria’s Ibgo Jewish community, and expects also to provide support to Uganda’s Abayudaya. SAN endeavors to embrace the highest level of tzedakah in the Maimonedean ladder of giving — to help communities strengthen themselves. 

Scattered Among the Nations helps dispersed Jewish communities connect with people who would like to support them by buying crafts they produce.


Support the House of Israel Community of Sefwi Wiawso, Ghana, by purchasing their embroidered challah covers. The challah covers, each sewn individually, come in multiple colors. Some are predominantly brightly-colored, pattered fabric (for example, in a rust-orange hue) with embroidery in purple, red, and gold. Others are pattered (in black and white) with drums and shofarot, featuring embroidery in red, green and gold.
Embroidered Challah Cover
$45 with free shipping in the continental US

All funds directly to the community of Sefwi Wiawso, Ghana. The proceeds will be split to compensate both the hard-working tailor and community member, Benjamin Baidou, who makes them, and to benefit the members of the Jewish community and specific community-wide projects.


For centuries, the Kuki and Mizo people of Northeastern India have specialized in hand-spun textile production of the highest quality. In recent decades, thousands of Kuki and Mizo have identified with the Benei Menashe, a Lost Tribe of Israel, and have begun to practice Judaism devoutly. The Benei Menashe women have turned their natural abilities as weavers toward the production of fine Jewish prayer articles.

Unique, 100% handmade Benei Menashe Tallit
$50 plus $10 shipping & handling ($60 total)

Colorful Benei Menashe Kippah
$15 plus $2 shipping & handling ($17 total)

All proceeds will be sent directly to the community in India.

In addition to selling unique Jewish handicrafts, 
SAN helps with:


SAN helps the Inca Jews to celebrate Jewish holidays every year, sending funds for the community to buy kosher food for Passover and the High Holidays, and has sent recordings of Jewish prayer services for their self-education.


The Benei Menashe are looking for larger donations so that they can build community centers for their self-improvement, both in India and Israel. Likewise, SAN hopes to assist the Abayudaya to build a community center in Uganda to honor their community’s 100th anniversary in 2019.


Many SAN communities crave a Jewish education above all else, but do not have the resources to purchase Jewish books. Frequently, communities use care-worn photocopies of photocopies of Jewish books they once borrowed from a library in the nearest large city. SAN has helped congregations send many boxes of Jewish books to needy communities around the world.


Peru’s Inca Jews longed to go to Israel to further their Jewish practice, and SAN led the effort in the United States to help hundreds of Peruvian “Inca Jews” gain formal recognition and become fully integrated in the world Jewish community. Most have emigrated to Israel, however, there is more to be done. At the time of this writing, dozens of Peruvians are waiting in Peru to obtain recognition and make aliyah to Israel, which will require outside resources to realize.


These are just a handful of the needy communities and projects needed for those communities. SAN has no staff and very limited organizational resources, but encourages you to organize your own projects — to visit communities, to pair with isolated communities as “sister congregations,” to send Jewish rabbis and teachers. One generous donor, upon reading an article by SAN’s leaders and consulting with us, was inspired personally to bring a Torah to the Benei Menashe in Manipur, the first in the modern history of that community. It was the most cherished gift they could have received.