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Articles regarding isolated Jewish communities
published by Scattered Among the Nations leadership:

"Scattered Among the Nations"
(AMI Magazine, April 20, 2016)

"Scattered Among the Nations"
(aish.com, November 28, 2015) (PDF)

"3 of the World's Most Isolated Jewish Communities" (weldonowen.com, December 8, 2015) (PDF)

"Lost In India" (Moment Magazine, August/September 2007) (photographs by Sandy Carter and Bryan Schwartz)

"Celebrate Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur" (National Geographic, 2007) (photographs contributed by Bryan Schwartz)

"Celebrate Passover" (National Geographic, 2007) (photographs contributed by Bryan Schwartz)

"Celebrate Hanukkah" (National Geographic, 2006) (photographs contributed by Bryan Schwartz)

"Lost Tribes: Can They Save the Jews?" (cover feature) (B'nai Brith Magazine, December 2005)

"Tefila Sunrise: the Jews of Venta Prieta" (Hadassah Magazine, Fall 2005)

"Strong Fiber on the Silk Road" (regarding the Jewish communities of Bukhara and Samarkand, Uzbekistan), (B'nai B'rith Magazine, Spring 2005)

"In a Village Where Even the Barber Is Jewish, Everyone Prepares for Passover" (regarding the Jewish community of Krasnaya Sloboda, Azerbaijan), (B'nai Brith Magazine, Spring 2004)

"The Lost Tribe that Found Elijah: India's Bene Israel" (B'nai B'rith International Jewish Monthly, Summer 2003)

"Helping Inca Jews cross the Red Sea" (Ha'aretz, 8/16/02)

"The New (Jewish) Frontier: a community of Asian Jews is a distant outpost of Judaism," (Hadassah Magazine, Aug./Sept. 2002)



"A Shtetl on the Veld: The empire of Orthodox ostrich farmers in South Africa" (Jerusalem Report, 5/20/02)

"Even with freedom of religion, Portugese Jews miss good old days," (JTA, 4/29/02)

"Moses' Cowboys Ride On: Argentina's Jewish gauchos are staying put," (Jerusalem Report, 4/8/02)

"Son of Holocaust survivors a real-life hero to Uzbek Jews" (JTA, 4/1/02)

"In Morocco´s mountains, elderly Jew watches the shrine of his holy rebbe" (JTA, 3/7/02)

"Teens Lead Passover in Azerbaijan" (JTA, 2/12/02)

"In Ukraine, Cross dressing, vodka and songs mark the story of Esther" (JTA, 2/10/02)

"Down in the Jungle: a thriving community of Jewish traders in Brazil's Amazon may soon disappear" (Jerusalem Report, 1/28/02)

"In Peru, descendants of Incas are trying to convert to Judaism" (JTA, 1/31/02)

"Peruvian Jews given glimmer of hope to make Aliyha" (Jewish Bulletin of Northern California, 10/26/01)